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  • Analog - a web statistics generator, compatible with Apache log formats.
  • String Replacer - a simple PHP script that can search a long (or short) string and replace all instances of one substring with another.
open-source software: analog
At Quadra-Tec, we support and contribute to a plethora of open-source software.  One application we contibute to is Analog, a log parser for web servers, including Apache.  The original Analog website can be found here.  A quick look around the site will show you that the software has been abandoned by its creators (the most recent update in the changelog is from December 19, 2004).

That's where we come in.  We've made some changes to the Analog source code, mostly to help add support for more browsers and search engines in the output.  Nothing major, just bringing it up to speed with today's Internet.